• The 12in12 Alpine Challenge

    A rally for classic cars.

    Next Dates

    15, 23 & 30 June

    and 31 August 2023

  • Drive at least 12 and up to 21 of the most unknown yet challenging alpine passes crossing between the Italian and French border in just 12 hours.

    A Marathon for classics (some younger cars accepted by invitation) in the N/W corner of the alps.

    The formula is very simple, its between friends, you drive the minimum of 12 passes we give you in just 12 hours.

    Whilst there are many events that involve photo calls, posing, cocktails and driving in lines with a nice plaque on your car this is not one of them (although we do drink a lot of beer after).


    Its not an impossible event by all means, in fact in previous events just about everyone managed to finish without any problems and one contender drove with his 13 year old son in a pretty standard Fiat XI9.

    It is an endurance event, a test of driver, navigator and car, where you will drive some really spectacular roads, crisscross the border, drive by snow, waterfalls, tight bends, switchbacks, tight spots or where two cars can't pass at the same time.

    You will blast through tunnels and even places with some rough bits.

    We have got it all..

    Its done on many of Europe's unknown mountain passes, this is not the Stevlio with camper vans and baby prams holding everything up, here you will be higher and faster and most of the time with very little in front of you except maybe another participant.

    But you can do it, you don't need a special car really you just need the will to enjoy, although a bit of concentration and preparation doesn't hurt.

    A very small and cost effective event for classic (or special interest) cars, with a high social flavour and which is by invitation only.

    Sounds like what your looking for? Then don't forget to drop us a contact at the bottom of the pages to keep updated.

    Its not a Picnic, its a driving event.

    No time to stop for a coffee and a strudel on the way!


    With Thanks to AutoItalia, Octane Magazine, Mg Enthusiast, Spiderama, and the other magazines for the brilliant writeups. Look out for the new articles due in 2022/3..



    An alpine marathon in just 12 hours

    500+kms max with a minimum of 12 passes to qualify and a max of 21 passes for the heroes.

    A mix of overseas and Italian participants

    All Heroes

    Lots of socialising and optional tours around the event.

    We even have a very popular beerfest after.

    It Sounds impossible, but just about everyone manages at least 12 and many have gone the full 21 passes.

    The current best time for 21 passes is held by Vanessa in a Mini 26/7/21

    Take a look at the video on the local area and your wife will be sold on a holiday too :

  • On top of the world,

    Our event is run by a local club so its very social and not at all expensive , some of the roads are a bit tricky but you won't even find them on the maps, over 50% of our participants come back every year or even more times in one year.

  • Improved biceps assured.

    Driving Muscles.

    Thousands and thousands of bends and gear changes, not for car sick co-pilots.

    Up to 21 Alpine Passes in 500kms on unknown roads of varying ability. All in one day..

    The Ultimate Mountain Driving experience.

    No que's, no lines.

    Just pure driving.

  • Tourists at the top of the world.

    If only you had time to play at being a turist that is!

    We will spin your wheels.


    Drive On.

    Keep Going

    No Drink & Drive ;).



    Catching up.

    Get the view.

    Quick check.

    Through the Trees.

    Breathtaking scenery.

    On top pf the world.

    Sheer climbs.

    " I'm at home now. Thanks everyone for the great weekend!" -Erwin

    "475 km and 18 cols with a TR5 PI. Super" -Arnold

    Arnold came back in 2021 too

    "It was just great and we enjoyed it fully!
    We have had a great WE and experience 😎 Thx again for the great event and hospitality 😇"-Jos, Fiat Dino

    Erwin and Jos have both since returned every year since 2020

    Thanks Tony and Maria Angela for putting on such a great event and looking after us both so well, I’m sure that we will be back next year and aim to do all 21 this time, through the event we met some great people and hope that we are able to stay in touch with them, once again THANKS John, Mini

    John has since been back 4 times and is booked again in September

    "We’re less than half an hour from home. I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for the nice company and great spirit. And I would like to thank especially Tony and Maria Angela for the enormous efforts they have made to make this weekend happen. Thank you, Tony! "-Bruno, Alfa Coupe

    "We had an awesome time and frankly we still are. It is what it is and we achieved what we set to do, which is drive some freaking awesome roads. Thanks for setting it all up; you’re the best!"-Paul, MGB v8

    "Italy was fabulous, was a pleasure, I’ll definitely be back! Thank you for being such a great host, it was a wonderful weekend Vanessa, Mini".

    Vanessa has since returned in 2021 and 2022 and set the best time of 2021.

    "totally support your brilliant appaisal of tour, arrangement, company and Angela and Tony for their great job. Thank you so much🙂❤👍" Hans Triumph Tr6.

    Just let us know if you want another 50 references :)